KCET goes digital with SeaChange

KCET, a PBS affiliate in Los Angeles, has upgraded its operations to a tapeless, file-based storage system from SeaChange International. SeaChange’s IP-based MediaClient architecture has supplied the station with massive centralized storage, content archiving and on-air transmission capabilities.

In total, KCET has the ability to scale more than 340TB of digital storage throughout its facility. KCET also integrates Harris Automation software with the SeaChange’s MediaClient architecture.

KCET centralizes multichannel on-air playout of its programming by using a SeaChange MediaLibrary 24009e 45TB system. In addition, SeaChange’s SATA-based MediaLibrary X12004 provides KCET with 12TB of near-line archive support.

SeaChange said its digital video systems are deployed at nearly 30 PBS stations, including affiliates in the top two markets: WNET, New York and KCET. SeaChange deployments also include two of the largest broadcast server installations in the U.S. at PBS affiliate stations WVPT and WBRA, in Virginia.

For more information, visit www.schange.com.

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