Kanaal Z upgrades infrastructure with new Omneon server system

Belgian cable television broadcaster Kanaal Z, a Roularta Media Group station, has upgraded its digital platform with a new Omneon Spectrum media server system that will support 24-hour news playout. The shift to a digital platform will allow Kanaal Z to provide its news broadcasts more easily via emerging digital services across the country.

The Spectrum server system, operating under the control of an SGT automation system, is part of a tailor-made system designed to meet the station's long-term broadcast strategy. The combination of the Spectrum server architecture and the wide range of SGT products, which include transmission, traffic, and media management, provide Kanaal Z with flexibility as the broadcaster continues to grow its operations. The interoperability of the Spectrum system and the facility's Avid nonlinear editing systems allows for rapid file transfers and a more efficient workflow in bringing breaking news to air.

For more information, visit www.omneon.com.

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