Italian broadcasters turn to Rohde & Schwarz for DVB-T solutions

In Italy, broadcasters are implementing digital terrestrial TV with DVB-T transmitters from Rohde & Schwarz.

The company has supplied virtually all of the transmitters in use by network operators Elettronica Industriale and RaiWay and completed their installation.

Rohde & Schwarz also furnished RaiWay with a complete monitoring system for all sites. By the end of this year, 70 percent of the Italian population will have access to digital TV. The network operators have placed an order worth several million euros with Rohde & Schwarz for R&S SV7002 low-power transmitters, R&S NV7001 medium-power UHF transmitters, R&S NV7000 liquid-cooled high-power transmitters, as well as for the R&S ETX-T DTV monitoring receiver.

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