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Infinity camcorder integrates field acquisition into IT workflow

Grass Valley has unveiled the Infinity Digital Media Camcorder, an IT-centric product designed to transform ENG and EFP workflows.

The Infinity camcorder features selectable SD and HD video formats (1080i50/60, 720p50/60, 625i50, and 525i60), and 14-bit digital signal processing. Users can encode video as DV25 (compatible with DVCam and DVCPRO), MPEG-2 for SD or HD or JPEG 2000 intraframe compression scheme.

The camcorder has USB and FireWire ports to connect standard IT peripherals and a Gigabit Ethernet port to allow file transfers into a storage and post-production network while the camera is recording. The camera also has SDI, HD-SDI and composite analog I/O.

The camcorder records on Iomega REV PRO disks and CompactFlash media. The REV PRO disk, which was developed with Grass Valley, delivers professional video performance on consumer hardware and media. One REV PRO disk stores more than two hours of SD or about 45 minutes of HD video. The camera also has slots for Professional Grade Compact Flash cards.

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