Incentive auction poses challenges for LPTV stations, says Greg Herman

With uncertainty over how much TV spectrum will be left after the incentive auction and how it will be repacked, these are worrisome times for low-power television station operators.

After all, LPTV service isn’t a primary broadcast service. That means they don’t have first dibs on their spectrum. Thus, repacking full-power TV broadcasters and Class A stations into whatever spectrum remains post auction will likely mean many channel reassignments that may have important consequences for LPTV stations. Without trying to be dramatic, some LPTV broadcasters may face the prospect of going dark as a result.

At the 2013 NAB Show, I interviewed Greg Herman, president of LPTV station group Watch TV and the head of about what the incentive auction will mean for LPTV stations and the future of low-power television broadcasting.