FLO Air Interface Spec wins approval

The widespread delivery of live multimedia content to mobile handsets reached a significant milestone in mid-July with the official approval by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)'s TR-47.1 Subcommittee of the FLO Air Interface Specification (AIS) as TIA-1099.

The AIS was the first technical specification produced and approved by the FLO Forum, an association of wireless industry leaders whose goal is advancing global standardization of FLO technology.

The TIA's TR-47 Engineering Committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of Terrestrial Mobile Multimedia Multicast (TM3) standards while TR-47.1 is a subcommittee focused on FLO technology standardization.

The Air Interface Specification defines the radio protocols used over the air between the FLO network and a FLO device for the delivery of multicast services. The AIS enables the efficient delivery of multiple multimedia streams, including simultaneous wide-area and local-area content, over standard TV channel allocation bandwidths.

For more information, visit: www.floforum.org.