FCC awards license to SWE-DISH for Suitcase

The SWE-DISH suitcase

The SWE-DISH Suitcase has been awarded an FCC license, simplifying its usage in the United States.

According to the company, the SWE-DISH Suitcase is the first small, mobile broadband satellite terminal to receive such a license.

Over the last year, SWE-DISH has worked with the commission to document and review the performance of the Suitcase. Literally thousands of measurements on the performance have been made and documented, taking into consideration the demands of two degree spacing. On August 23, the commission awarded SWE-DISH a license (E030197) for the product.

The SWE-DISH Suitcase was previously awarded type approvals from Intelsat (IA097AA0), Eutelsat (EA-V042), and Europe*Star (ES-ME-39).

For more information, visit www.swe-dish.com.

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