EV launches new REV wireless system

The new REV professional wireless system from Electro-Voice features an expanded feature set from its predecessor, the RE-1. The REV system’s optimized analog audio path was developed with Digital Audio Labs to provide the truest representation of a wired microphone sound possible in a wireless system. REV-Link PC software enables remote monitoring, control and programming over a CAN bus connection, either through an EV UCC-1 converter or EV Netmax N8000.

Factory preset channel groups allow up to 16 systems to operate simultaneously per frequency band, with 24MHz bandwidth programmable in 25kHz steps, netting over 950 channels per system. Using the advanced ClearScan function, finding the optimal channel and group is as simple as pushing a button.

Electro-Voice offers two versions of the REV handheld transmitter: a stylish metal compact handle and a user-friendly presentation handheld designed for rental houses. Four microphone capsules are offered.

For more information, please visit www.electrovoice.com.