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ETSI formally ratifies DVB-S2 standard

The European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) has formally ratified DVB-S2, its new standard for satellite distribution.

Formally adopted by the DVB Steering Board last year, DVB-S2 has generated industry activity, including technical and commercial trials, as well as the announcement of planned services by DirecTV in the United States and BSkyB in the United Kingdom.

This formal ratification paves the way for further commercial implementation of services. The specification (EN 302 307) can be downloaded at

DVB-S2 benefits from recent developments in channel coding and modulation that give a 30 percent capacity increase over DVB-S under the same transmission conditions and more robust reception for the same spectrum efficiency.

DVB-S2 has been optimized for several satellite broadband applications: broadcast services; interactive services including Internet access; digital TV contribution and satellite newsgathering; data content distribution/trunking; and other professional applications.

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