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DIY Fractal and Double Loop Antennas

Joe Turbolski, who many of you may know through his work at Thomson Broadcast, was kind enough to send me information on two do-it-yourself antennas he's been experimenting with at home.

One of these is a design for a fractal antenna. Details are available in the Instructables article How to make a fractal antenna for HDTV / DTV plus more on the cheap. This antenna worked okay, but Turbolski wanted something better, which he found that in a simple double loop antenna.

Unfortunately Joe didn't forward with plans and I couldn't find any detailed information on how to build it, but his photo should be sufficient given the extreme simplicity of the design. More information on patterns and how to calculate the size of the loops is at

For UHF, Joe used a diameter of 7.75-inches per loop, but I don't see why the loops couldn't be made larger for VHF. He was very happy with the results seen in using the antenna inside his house, noting, "To my surprise I was able to reliably pickup not only the local affiliates, but also the CW affiliate (WCCT with low ERP) and the Ion station (WHPX) over 57 miles away!!!"

If you decide to build one of these, please let me know how it works out.