Channel 4 selects Pro-Bel for C4 HD launch

The UK’s Channel 4, based in London, has successfully launched its first HD service — C4 HD — with core technology supplied by Pro-Bel. C4 HD, which launched in December, is carried on BSkyB’s digital DTH service. The channel, which runs in parallel with the SD variant, uses a mixture of native HD content and SD content that is upconverted to HD.

As part of this service, the broadcaster has purchased and installed additional Morpheus automation as well as Masterpiece master control technology and a 32 x 32 SD/HD Sirius router.

The biggest technical challenge for the broadcaster was not actually the video, but programming the systems to handle the multitrack audio content. It was also working in a small time frame, so the HD solution had to integrate seamlessly with existing Pro-Bel technology.

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