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Audio University

Broadcasters, recording studios and those interested in audio technologies will find the Dolby Web site a great resource of timely technology information.

Over the years Dolby has amassed a wealth of knowledge about the art and science of audio — much of which is available via the technical library at its Web site.

The site features white papers, articles and diagrams focusing on all of its technology, including Dolby TrueHD, Digital E, Digital Surround EX, MLP Lossless, Pro Logic Iix, Dolby Headphone and Virtual Speaker.

Visitors to the site can learn about encoding sound with Dolby technology for the HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc formats as well as how to use Dolby Digital and MLP Lossless for DVD-video and DVD-audio formats.

Article and white paper subjects include: ‘TV Loudness: Time for a New Approach?’, ‘An Analysis of Audio for Digital Cable Television’ and ‘Turn Up the Broadcast Experience’ among many others. A ‘Glossary of Audio Terms’ covers sound from A to Z and the company also offers a free periodic newsletter.

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