Abekas launches Kiva video server at NAB2008

Abekas announced Kiva, a new digital video server platform, at NAB2008. It is intended for use in live broadcast applications, including live sports instant replay, live broadcast playout and live playout for entertainment and corporate events.

Kiva is housed within a 3RU chassis and uses JPEG2000 wavelet-based compression technology with variable bit rates up to 200Mb/s. Coupled with this recording method is a large-capacity RAID 6 disk array, offered in two storage capacities — either 40 hours or 80 hours while recording four video streams at 200Mb/s.

Kiva features an advanced graphical user interface (GUI) on a widescreen DVI output, which is coupled with an integrated multiviewer supplied on an HD-SDI video feed.

For more information, visit www.abekas.com.