2GHz relocation Web site provides useful re-banding information

As momentum begins to build as the 2GHz re-banding plan swings into motion, questions about how stations with ENG operations will work with Nextel have arisen.

Besides meeting with broadcasters on a market-by-market basis, Nextel has taken several steps to address issues broadcasters are raising. These includes participating in the National Association of Broadcasters convention, April 16-21, in Las Vegas and working with the Society of Broadcast Engineers to get the word out and coordinate with individual broadcasters.

However, until then, broadcasters with questions about the plan, including what will be paid for, what vendors will be authorized and whether or not contracted assets, such as news helicopters and leased ENG facilities will be covered can learn a lot by visiting the frequently asked questions section of www.2ghzrelocation.com.

Among the information that can be gleaned from FAQs:

  • Nextel will pay for the cost of broadcasters to achieve “comparable facilities” to existing 2GHz equipment. Items include: radios, backup radios and equipment. A list of items that may be eligible is available on the FAQ page.
  • Nextel is developing a training program for broadcasters
  • Nextel will compensate broadcasters for relocation of 2GHz fixed links to digital equivalents.
  • Inside labor cost of the conversion is covered.
  • Nextel has worked with microwave vendors to ramp up production of equipment necessary for the re-banding.
  • Nextel will work with helicopter companies contracted with stations as if they were broadcasters in a market.

For more information, visit www.2ghzrelocation.com/plugin/template/broadcast1/32/371#13.

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