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Yangaroo Provides Cablevision Media Sales in the Cloud

TORONTO, CANADA—Yangaroo said it will provide a cloud-based platform to Cablevision Media Sales Corp. that allows advertisers to deliver their television ads to the media company. With more than 200 file formats available, this new portal provides delivery of multiple types of media formats securely. In addition, the commercial content can be disseminated to all of the properties represented by or affiliated with CMS, including the New York Interconnect, News 12, and regional and local cable systems.

Cablevision Media Sales Corp., a subsidiary of Cablevision Systems Corp., offers clients a full array of television advertising solutions. It is headquartered in New York City but has offices throughout their geographic reach on Long Island, Westchester County, New Jersey and Connecticut. Yangaroo’s advertising division will support Cablevision Media Sales via its newly-founded U.S. base in New York as well as the company headquarters/technical center in Toronto.