WSA: Spectrum Auction Could Affect TV White Space Deployments

CHELMSFORD, MASS.—The completion of the FCC’s spectrum auction could prove to be a boom for TV white space deployments in the U.S., per the WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA).

According to WSA, the completion of the incentive auction will free up more than 80 MHz of spectrum for license-exempt wireless internet access. “This newly available spectrum will support additional digital infrastructure development across the United States, and help foster the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),” said Dr. Apurva N. Mody, chairman of WhiteSpace Alliance.

White space technology use available TV band spectrum to deliver fixed wireless broadband services at distances up to 30 km, which makes it useful for rural or remote areas. TV white space can also support current and emerging infrastructure applications, including machine-to-machine communications, IIoT, Smart Grid deployment and industrial automation.

“Making sufficient spectrum available to the marketplace is the final step needed to unleash a critical mass of innovative services,” said Dr. Mody. “WSA will continue to work actively with the Federal Communications Committee to evaluate and shape regulations for TV band white spaces.”