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WPTD Expands Nverzion Automation

Dayton, Ohio television station WPTD has augmented its existing NVerzion automation package to control 24/7 operations in connection with its origination of some 10 to 14 program streams. The automated functionality includes third-party router control, unattended overnight operations, VTR/video service interfacing, master control interfacing and a complete media database with an interface to the station's traffic operations.

"We have been doing 10-14 channels since July 2004 with the initial installation, and we continue to expand our media storage capability each year to satisfy a never ending disc storage space for expanding demand for HD services," said George Hopstetter, WPTD engineer. "We chose NVerzion again because their software gives us the ability to operate ten digital channels with a single operator. The NVerzion solutions helped us reduce costs, giving us the ability to run overnight unattended operations while giving us the ability to easily expand channel capability in the future without costly upgrades."

The current expansion is the fourth for WPTD. The station also recently added a 48/1.5 TeraStore unit from NVerizon, bringing the number of TeraStore digital archive library systems up to four.