WPMI/WJTC Upgrades to Sundance Digital's Fastbreak Spot Play

Alabama-based WPMI/WJTC recently updated its commercial insertion system with a Sundance Digital Fastbreak Spot Play system. The station, a Clear Channel NBC/UPN duopoly in Mobile, installed two channels of Spot Play and one prep station controlling a SeaChange server.

Spot Play combines SQL-based database management functionality with tight control of the video server to manage the broadcast commercial insertion process in conjunction with a digital video server.

A standard Spot Play system consists of a Prep Station to manage communication with the traffic software as well as the loading of material into the server, plus one or more Air Stations to handle playback of the spots. Each Air Station can control four server output channels/playlists, and several Air Stations can be networked for expansion. Playback of each group of spots is usually triggered by the Master Control operator. Additional Prep Stations can also be included for simultaneous recording of long- and short-form content, or to dub from several locations within a facility.