WKTC Automates With Crispin

WKTC, a MyNetworkTV affiliate in Columbia, S.C., recently installed a Crispin Corp. System 2000 automation suite at its facility.

The tightly integrated system includes control for three on-air playback channels. The station uses Crispin's RapidPlayX on-air playback application to monitor playlists, allowing operators to create and load playlists, edit events, issue playlist commands and monitor event status. Crispin is also providing a 16-port DeviceServer (with a 16 port RJ-45 1 RU connector interface panel) for real-time device control in the WKTC system.

Other applications within the Crispin suite include AssetBase, a Web-enabled asset management solution that combines extensive media management capabilities with a powerful relational database; ClipCopX, that when integrated with AssetBase, allows users to copy, transfer and delete files (automatically or on request) between video servers; Dubber, a workstation that speeds and simplifies the acquisition and preparation of material for fully automated on-air playback; RecordScheduler, which allows users to manually record events or schedule future program acquisition events; and the Mapper traffic interface, which converts WKTC's daily WideOrbit traffic schedule into an automated playlist, ready for on-air playback by RapidPlayX.