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Wireless: ITU Approves ‘’ for Networking

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has ratified a global standard for home networking that is targeted to deliver interference-free delivery of room-to-room HD television services and other CE services via high-quality multimedia streaming over an array of schemes including coaxial, power lines, telephony and other forms of home “network wiring.” The new wireless global standard (“”) has been under review for more than two years and is said to deliver up to 20 times the throughput of existing wireless technologies and three times more than existing wired technologies.

The specs will be used by chip and transceiver manufacturers for incorporating into HD- and other STBs, HD sets, PCs, residential “gateways,” audio systems, DVD players and other devices to be connected to a home network.

Now with this final go-ahead, the ITU has indicated that products may be coming to market by 2010.

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