Wireless Innovation Forum supports NAB call for spectrum use review

The Wireless Innovation Forum said Aug. 8 that it supports a call made in comments filed with the FCC by NAB for a comprehensive inventory of present and future spectrum usage by the wireless industry, satellite users, broadcasters, the government and other parties.

NAB made its appeal for the inventory July 24 in response to a public notice by the FCC’s Wireless Bureau seeking comments on wireless competition in the United States.

In the comments, NAB said the wireless industry’s push for more spectrum is not sustainable. Although the forum has not taken a position on this push, it does agree that reallocation is not a sustainable basis for spectrum policy, the group said.

“Given the complex intertwining of existing spectrum licenses, reallocation of spectrum is no longer feasible due to high cost, length of time to implement and disruption of service,” said Lee Pucker, CEO of the Wireless Innovation Forum. “A number of regulatory mechanisms exist to increase the shared use and access of selected bands, while continuing to ensure that systems can operate without disruption or harmful interference.”