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Wireless camera gives ITV news crew freedom of movement in covering Labour Party gathering

UK broadcaster ITV’s regional stations reported on last week’s Labour Party Conference in Manchester using a Link XP wireless camera system supplied by Broadcast RF.

ITV relied on the Link XP to capture live pictures and interviews of Labour Party politicians as they appeared at the front of the meeting venue, even though the satellite uplink vehicles used to contribute the reports were parked at the back of the venue.

According to ITV spokesman Richard Prince, the ITV news crew relied on a two-antenna diversity receive system stationed about 20ft from the uplink van to pick up Link XP camera transmission from all around the venue without interruption or degradation. Using the wireless Link XP camera transmitter system gave the ITV camera crew the freedom to move throughout the area as needed without having to run cables. The small size of the diversity receive system also made it easy to reposition the pickup site as required.

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