WINK-TV employs Ikegami HDK-790EXIII studio cameras for local HD newscasts

WINK-TV in Fort Myers, FL, has added four Ikegami HDK-790EXIII digital HDTV studio camera systems as part of its launch of HD local newscasts.

Last year, WINK converted its entire infrastructure, which also powers CW affiliate WXCW, to full HD. Before its conversion to HD, the station long relied upon SD Ikegami HK-343 studio/field cameras. After evaluating cameras at NAB2007, WINK director of engineering Keith Stuhlman and his team decided to use Ikegami HDK-790EXIII studio cameras as their replacements.

The HDK-790EXIII is Ikegami’s top-of-the-line digital HDTV studio camera system. The HDK-790EXIII incorporates newly developed 2/3in 2.3 million-pixel 1080i AIT CCD image sensors that achieve a horizontal resolution of 1000 lines and a signal-to-noise ratio of 60dB at f 10. Using full-digital process integrated circuits, the camera’s video signals are digitized with 14-bit A/D conversion and up to 38-bit internal digital processing circuits.

WINK-TV’s Ikegami HDK-790EXIII full digital HDTV studio cameras are paired with Canon DIGISUPER 25xs HDTV studio lenses.

In addition to the station’s new Ikegami HD studio cameras, WINK-TV has also chosen new Ikegami HLM series multiformat LCD video monitors and HTM series CRT video monitors for its control room.

Editor’s Note: To read two accounts of WINK-TV’s conversion from SD to HD news and the challenges the station faced, see “WINK sprints into HD local news” and “Deconstructing for HD.”

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