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White Space: TV Makers Oppose Plan

A group of five DTV receiver makers told the FCC its plan to open up the DTV white spaces “would be based on faulty, summary conclusions” of the FCC’s own report.

LG Electronics, Panasonic, Mutsubishi Electronics, Samsung and TTE/RCA wrote the commission Tuesday (Oct. 28) that the power levels proposed by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin—40 mW on channels adjacent to DTV channels—are way too high. They echoed the recommendations of broadcasters for a 5 mW power level on an adjacent channel.

The companies also said Martin’s proposed power levels would cause interference to cable TV viewing.

Repeating the pitch from broadcasters, the companies urged that a geolocation database be part of any prospective white space regime, and they panned any plan that would rely solely on spectrum-sensing technology.

The companies also added to the call for a public comment period on the FCC’s data and on its proposal. Martin has scheduled the vote on his plan for Nov. 4, Election Day.