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WHDI cites Progress on Wireless 3D Home Standard

WHDI LLC, the group primarily tasked with licensing the Wireless Home Digital Interface standard, this week provided details to be included in upcoming versions of the WHDI spec, including enabling 3D.

WHDI said it will release a WHDI 3D spec update in late 2010 that will document WHDI support for all 3D formats required by the HDMI 1.4a spec.

WHDI is a not-for-profit consortium based in Santa Clara, Calif., and devised by consumer electronics manufacturers in order to develop a comprehensive industry-wide standard for wireless multi-room audio, video and remote-control connectivity.

At the recent Computex show in Taiwan, Amimon demoed future potential 3D capabilities by using a 3D HD television set equipped with the most current release of WHDI technology.

The next version of the wireless standard (WHDI 2.0) will include full 3D support, notably 1080p 120Hz, as well as support for next-gen 2Kx4K HD (four times the resolution of 1080p. The next version also will integrate WHDI WiFi and same-channel co-existence.