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WBTV Taps Jünger for Audio Processing

Raycom Media’s CBS outlet in Charlotte, N.C., WBTV, is now using Jünger Audio’s Level Magic processing system to curb audio problems since its switchover from analog transmissions last year. Following the transition, the station was plagued with audio level complaints and began searching for a product that would ease viewer dissatisfaction.

“Loudness control is at the forefront of every station’s mind these days and WBTV was no exception,” said Don Shaw, WBTV’s director of operations and engineering. “After switching off our analog transmitter, viewer complaints began to stack up--and rightly so because our audio levels were all over the map. Huge audio disparities existed between our studio, commercial, program and network levels. Thankfully, we were given approval to purchase a Jünger Audio processor with HD and Level Magic cards. Our audio instantly improved and all of our sources are now matched perfectly.”

WBTV celebrated its 60th anniversary last year, coincident with its digital broadcasting transition. The station moved from its longtime Channel 3 location to Channel 23 during the cutover.