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VOOM HD Networks Install Front Porch Digital HD Archive

Ross Video VOOM HD Networks, a subsidiary of Rainbow Media Holdings LLC, has just completed installation of Front Porch Digital's DIVArchive system. The system will enable VOOM to efficiently manage storage of the network's very large library of HD content files.

"The programming that we provide on VOOM HD Networks is the largest and most diverse offering of HD content available anywhere," said Steven Pontillo, senior vice president of technology for Rainbow Media Holdings. He added that the Front Porch Digital's DIVArchive would allow VOOM HD to preserve, manage and access the large quantity of HD content.

The installation is part of a five-year contract signed in 2003 between Front Porch and Rainbow Media.

Front Porch Digital President, Mike Knaisch commented that the there is a growing trend in the number of content providers who are moving into HD and that the VOOM installation is likely the first such dedicated HD broadcast archive in the United States.

"The global broadcast industry is beginning to move to high definition content, and a number of our customers already manage HD content with DIVArchive," Knaisch said. "We believe that no other archive management provider can match our track record with systems of this scale."