Virtual Studio increases productivity for Educational TV

FOR-A Corp.'s digiWarp Virtual Studio System is improving efficiency and profitability in the field of educational television. RIVR Media's e-learning division-erroyo- is using FOR-A's digiWarp 2D virtual studio to create virtual sets and high quality graphics for two of its university clients.

Peter Tolsma with erroyo, the e-learning division of RIVR Media, on the virtual set created with FOR-A’s digiWarp 2D virtual studio system for a “Patient Satisfaction” training video for RIVR Media client Morrison Management Specialists.

The digiWarp-EX 2D type pre-rendering virtual studio system is a turnkey graphics solution that includes a digital component switcher that contains a chroma keyer module and a DVE, an image processor with a PC and a controller with software.

erroyo, based in Knoxville, Tenn., said use of the FOR-A technology during the past year has allowed it to increase production efficiency for educational clients that include the University of Tennessee and Duke University.

erroyo shot its first segment in August 2001, an e-learning production for the University of Tennessee called "First Steps." Since then, the division has used the digiWarp system on several more projects, including another University of Tennessee public service production on avoiding dog bites.

Recently, erroyo formed a partnership with Duke Corporate Education to produce multimedia applications for corporate training either via computer or in a classroom setting.

erroyo is using the digiWarp virtual studio to produce three courses. Courses were shot in succession in just three weeks.

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