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Viacom stations partner with Sports Networks for localized Web content

The Digital Media Group at Viacom’s television stations has partnered with the Sports Network to bring localized sports content to its newly designed station Web sites.

The Sports Network, a real-time sports wire service, is providing news, photos, scores, pre- and post-game analysis and wraps, statistics, special features, running box scores, real times updates and coverage of MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, college basketball and football, tennis, golf, auto racing, international soccer, boxing, the Olympics and more to each of the Viacom station’s Web sites.

Visitors to each of the newly designed and re-launched Web sites have access to a live sports scoreboard on the local station’s homepage, customized for that particular market. The Sports Network’s content, stories and live updates are supported by each station’s broadcast and broadband video sports updates.

The group is in the process of re-launching Web sites for all of its CBS stations. In total, 17 CBS stations will re-launch their Web sites in 2005, followed by UPN stations in 2006.

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