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Vegas PBS Upgrades Volicon Observer Installation

BURLINGTON, MASS. — Volicon announced that Vegas PBS Channel 10 has upgraded its Observer video monitoring and logging installation. Vegas PBS relies on two Volicon Observer systems to assure on-air compliance, to demonstrate that underwriters' spots went to air as planned, and to provide station engineers and executives with convenient remote access to aired content for review.

Vegas PBS Channel 10 offers five additional channels over the air or on cable and satellite — Create, Vme, Worldview, Rewind, and Jackpot! The station uses its newly upgraded four-channel system to monitor the off-air and cable signals for its main digital channel, as well as the off-air signals for its Create and Vme channels. A second two-channel Observer unit enables monitoring of the Rewind and Jackpot! channels.

While engineering staff use the Observer system to ensure compliance and verify the presence of EAS information when appropriate, staff in the Vegas PBS traffic and sales department use the Observer system to pull up aired content and show that a program or underwriter's spot ran on schedule and without disruption. The same capability allows the broadcaster to answer viewer questions about program content. Because authorized users can gain remote access to content on the Observer system, the station's general manager can check on aired broadcasts even while traveling.