Utah broadcaster installs Jampro UHF Slot Antenna

Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) is installing a Jampro model JA-LS Prostar UHF slot antenna for K34DW, its satellite downlink station based in Provo, Utah. The JA-LS is being setup on Lake Mountain and will be used to relay 3ABN's 24-hour Christian TV programming to the Provo-Salt Lake City area. The JA-LS is part of an overall equipment upgrade.

From southern Illinois, 3ABN beams its TV and radio programming to nine satellites, which downlink to more than 100 stations in the United States and every inhabited continent. In terms of the number of owned and operated UHF stations, 3ABN is the second largest Christian network in North America. 3ABN is not owned, operated or funded by a particular church, denomination or organization.

The model JA-LS is a low-power UHF slot antenna (up to 1kW maximum input) that's designed for the extreme climate conditions found on Lake Mountain — where temperatures reach 40 below zero and winds exceed 50m/h. The antenna is made of corrosive resistant materials to resist harsh weather and lighten the wind load on the tower. A flexible design allows varying levels of vertically polarized signal.

For more information, visit www.jampro.com/.