Utah Air National Guard to Stream up to 248 Channels

An IPTV solution from Optibase is driving a video system for the Utah Air National Guard that can deliver up to 248 channels of H.264 video, including feeds received from satellite, cable systems and cameras.

The IPTV solution enables real-time information-sharing and collaboration between Guard personnel in the field and those on base during emergency events, as well as for exercises and routine operations.

It provides a secure means to distribute classified content, and serves as a robust, easy-to-access platform for training sessions and informational presentations. The system also allows employees to monitor news and satellite TV channels on their PC workstations.

The Optibase solution includes five MGW 5100 multi-channel encoders, which together can stream up to 124 channels. Secondary stream functionality doubles streaming capacity to 248 streams at two different bit-rates. MGW platforms are integrated with the Cluster Manager, Optibase's professional management suite. The system offers full N+K redundancy and video matrix control capabilities, effectively eliminating single point-of-failure scenarios.

Optibase EZ TV System is an advanced application suite that manages and delivers all of the streamed channels to all PCs on-base and to PCs off base over the Internet. EZ TV provides user-configurable mosaic views of up to 16 channels on a single screen. Administrators can quickly create channel groups and distribute them to all users or selected user groups at the click of a button. User groups and access privileges can be easily defined based on existing Microsoft Active Directory groups. Installation of the browser-based EZ TV Player is automatically initiated at first entry for lowest deployment cost.