U.S.News & World Report Installs BureauCam in D.C.

U.S.News & World Report recently installed a BureauCam digital remote broadcast system at its magazine bureau in Washington D.C. The new BureauCam system will enable U.S. News & World Report executives and reporters to broadcast the latest news directly from their newsroom to television networks and stations worldwide.

BureauCam, manufactured by New York City-based Media 3 Ltd., is a second-generation, fully integrated compact, transportable live shot control system designed for local and remote operations via network or dial-up to transmit live television interviews. The BureauCam features precision robotics with presets for on-air moves, on-air switching, video with audio output, remote lighting, external devise control, Web-based local, and remote real-time diagnostics.

Launched in 1933 as U.S. News magazine, U.S. News & World Report is published weekly by U.S. News and World Report LP with a worldwide circulation of more than 2 million and readership exceeding 11 million.