Universal Re-Affirms HD DVD Support for Now

Amid a bevy of online rumors starting at CES and continuing into last weekend that Universal Studios, like Warner Bros., was about to also pick up Blu-ray Disc as its sole next-gen disc format of choice, Universal has issued a statement of support for HD DVD that, in itself, seemed to be somewhat guarded (specifically the use of the qualifying term “current plan”).

“Contrary to unsubstantiated rumors from unnamed sources, Universal’s current plan is to continue to support the HD DVD format,” said Ken Graffeo, executive vice president at Universal Studios and co-leader of the HD DVD Promotional Group.

While some online media critics and bloggers felt the statement could have been more supportive, Universal was specifically reacting to published reports last week that said it had decided to use a convenient clause in its contract with the HD DVD camp to opt out of the arrangement. Universal denied the report.