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U.K.: Sanyo touts 'World's Smallest' 1080i Camcorder

Sanyo Xacti VPC-CS1
Sanyo has confirmed plans to soon ship what it says will be "the world's smallest, lightest and thinnest" 1080p camcorder (Xacti VPC-CS1) to retailers in the United Kingdom.

Xacti HD cameras, for all practical purposes, are dual camera units that carry both 1080p camcorder capabilities, as well as digital still-camera functions.

The tiny CS1 is less than one inch thick — making it the slimmest (and lightest) 1080p pocket camcorder available, according to Sanyo. The camera itself is 8 megapixels, and comes with a 38mm lens and 10x advanced zoom. Typical Xacti series internal features also included in the smaller CS1 version, Sanyo's proprietary "Face Chase" focus technology, color targeting, and a digital image stabilizer.

Oh, and if you happen to run into Colin Firth, Naomi Campbell or Claire Danes, ask them about it. They already own their own complimentary versions of it.

For the rest of the U.K., the Xacti CS1 will be available later this month, according to Sky News.