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U.K.: Broad Awareness of HD, but Not Many Buyers

Knowing of the mere existence of something called “HDTV” is one thing, a British researcher has found. But knowing exactly what it is — and is not — is sometimes something else entirely.

According to a recent survey of about 700 respondents) by Buckingham Research, a healthy majority (85 percent) indicated they were “aware” of HD, although nearly 15 percent do not understand it — at least not well enough to obtain it.

Only 11 percent of the United Kingdom residents queried indicated they were “planning to buy” an HD set in the next year.

Among those who were aware of HD’s existence, more than half (53 percent) “do not have it and do not intend to obtain it. More than a quarter (27 percent) are “unsure” whether they will try to get it or not. When it came down to attitude, less than half (48 percent) agreed it made watching TV more enjoyable, while 35 percent said it was “not worth the money.”

One possible reason for the rather negative views on HD across the pond? About 45 percent said there are simply not enough HD channels from which to choose.