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TV8 and TV17 relocate to a digital facility

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TV8 and TV17 relocate to a digital facility

TV8 and TV17, located in Vail, CO, serve as the primary information source to Vail and Eagle Valley. TV8 decided to build all-new digital facilities for the stations, and Beck Associates was brought in to plan and implement this relocation.

TV8 had outgrown both its facility and tape-based workflow, so it began studying the many solutions available. It selected an Omneon Spectrum media server system and NVerzion automation, for its open, advanced architectures. Its user-friendly interfaces also fit well with the young staff at TV8.

The design criteria incorporated two essential components: a two-channel, automated, server-based master control system and a production control system capable of producing a high-quality local news program. Serial digital video and AES audio were established as base signal requirements.

The high cost per square foot of real estate in Vail necessitated a combination master control room, central equipment room and production control room — all packed into less than 350sq ft.

The server provides ingest, production and playout that offers format independence and tight integration with Apple Final Cut Pro. Two editors are connected to the system via Gigabit Ethernet for edit-in-place operation. Another key factor of the server was the ability to add or replace channels without bringing the system down or affecting other live channels.

The automation provided the final control system wrapper, including full control for acquisition and preparation of MPEG-2/DV-25 program content and the final on-air control for both channels. This cost-effective system was designed based on the station’s initial system requirements, while ensuring the opportunity for growth to meet future needs.

The team chose Grass Valley’s digital routing and terminal equipment, including 64x64 digital video and 64x64 AES routers, to provide the core infrastructure, and Leitch LogoMotion II systems for channel branding. The production system was designed around a Grass Valley Kayak DD-2 production switcher, a 2M/E switcher that provides a large-market look at a cost-effective price. For graphics, the team chose a Pinnacle Deko 1000.

A matrix-style intercom was required for heavy IFB requirements. Telex/RTS provided a small but powerful intercom system, the Zeus 24-channel matrix.

TV8’s existing cameras were converted to serial digital with component A/D updates. A Mackie 24x8 production mixer also was relocated and fitted with external A/D and D/A converters. Playback elements include both server channels and VTRs. The facility uses Sony DVCAM VTRs for both studio and acquisition. Two nonlinear edit bays allow for production of local program content and commercials.

Design TeamTechnology at Work Beck Associates: Beck Associates custom consoles: John FitzRandolph, VP, Denver Evertz 5600 MSC master sync generator Skip Erickson, systems eng. TV-8 Grass Valley Craig Struve, dir. TV op. Concerto/Encore digital router Mike Wilson, chief eng. 8900 Series terminal equipment Kayak DD-2 production switcher Leitch: LogoMotion II channel branding Panacea 16x2 MC switching Omneon Spectrum media server NVerzion NControl automation Pinnacle Deko 1000 CG Sony DSR-2000 DVCAM VTRs Telex/RTS Zeus intercom system Videotek VTM-200 T&M Wohler audio monitors
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