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Toshiba Says Three-Layer HD DVD Still in Lab

An HD DVD disc with three layers (or enough capacity for up to seven hours of HD content) is reportedly still being refined and tested, according to Toshiba. The company denied several online media reports that the 51GB capacity disc has already been submitted for approval to the standard's governing body, the DVD Forum.

The new disc was first seen at CES in January. It attracted attention there, as it seemed to at least equal the rival Blu-ray Disc format for maximum capacity, according to a story on

In Tokyo, a Toshiba spokeswoman said the firm is "puzzled" about the source of the erroneous reports. Toshiba said it hasn't made any further official announcements about the high-capacity disc since CES, and that it had no plans to submit it to any steering committees during recent meetings of the DVD Forum in Tokyo.

Toshiba, the central proponent for the HD DVD format, did disclose that its prototype disc has three layers, each with 17 GB capacity.