'Top Road Travelers' more likely to own HDTVs, other electronics, analysis says

Those who spend the most time on the road are more tech savvy than the average consumer, according to an analysis from Scarborough Research.

The 20 percent of U.S. adults who traveled the most miles in a car, van, truck or bus either as a driver or passenger in the past seven days — those Scarborough considers to be the “Top Road Travelers” — are 23 percent more likely to have an HDTV, 15 percent more likely to have a DVD player and 20 percent more likely to have purchased 10 or more DVDs during the past year.

The analysis reveals a “simple but compelling point,” said Carol Edwards, VP of Out-Of-Home Media Services for Scarborough Research and Arbitron: “The more time consumers spend on the road, the more likely they are to have the latest media and information technology devices — MP3 players, DVRs, PDAs and HDTV.”

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