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Thomson expands digital news production line

Thomson has added several new additions to its Grass Valley Digital News Production (DNP) solutions, which will be demonstrated for European customers for the first time at the IBC conference in Amsterdam in September.

The announcements include a new Grass Valley Ingest Station, a multichannel ingest application; an enhanced version of the Grass Valley NewsEdit system, and key enhancements to the Grass Valley NewsBrowse Web-based browser/editor.

The Grass Valley Ingest Station 1.0 efficiently manages the automatic recording of tape-based materials to one or more digital channels. Supporting up to six channels, it also can send materials to any Grass Valley Profile 6G and Profile XP Media Platform servers, Grass Valley M-Series intelligent video digital recorders (iVDRs), and/or Grass Valley FeedClip interactive feed capture systems.

The new NewsEdit 5.1 nonlinear editor includes a seamless interface with Panasonic’s P2 and Sony’s XDCAM recording systems. Both systems support the MXF. It is completely recognizable by the NewsEdit system. The XDCAM uses a high-speed SBP2 firewire interface for fast transfer of acquired material into the NewsEdit system. The P2 system will be supported in the NewsEdit product line, including the NewsEdit LT laptop-based nonlinear editing system, as well as the M-Series iVDR system. The NewsEdit 5.1 system also supports easy integration with Apple’s Final Cut Pro software.

The Grass Valley NewsBrowse Web-based browser/editor lets journalists browse MPEG-1 versions of high-resolution media from their desktops to quickly assemble shots, clips, and complete sequences — even generate preview sequences and storyboards for editorial review. The latest version of the system, NewsBrowse 3.0, includes enhanced archiving features, interface improvements, a new low-resolution encoder and support for a variety of architecture based around the Grass Valley Network Attached Storage system.

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