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Thirty-eight percent of households to own HDTV sets next year

Twenty-eight percent of households in the United States now own at least one HDTV set, up 8 percent from 2007, according to new research from consulting firm Knowledge Networks (KN).

KN also forecasts that number to grow 10 percentage points to 38 percent next year.

The findings are part of Knowledge Networks’ newly published annual “Ownership and Trend Report” from KN’s Home Technology Network. Based on the report, KN has selected HDTV as its first-ever "Game-Changing Media Technology of the Year."

Other KN findings and forecasts include:

  • HDTV is one of a select few devices and services, which include DVRs and ownership of two or more home computers, consistently associated with higher overall levels of technology sophistication in homes.
  • The February 2009 DTV transition will continue to drive purchases of new sets, most of which will be HD-ready.
  • The latest KN measurement shows that 13 percent of homes with a TV set with over-the-air reception are already planning to buy a digital/HD set.
  • Viewers of HD programs are more likely to agree that ads in HD programming are relevant to their needs than are viewers about ads in regular programming (41 percent vs. 35 percent).
  • Those who have HD reception develop a clear preference for HD programming; 33 percent of viewers go to HD channels first when looking for something to watch.
  • HD viewers are more likely to plan their viewing ahead of time (70 percent) as opposed to a little more than half in non-HD homes.

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