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Thirteen/WNET and WGBH launch new DTV channels

WGBH, Boston and Thirteen/WNET, New York, the two PBS entities responsible for much of the programming seen on public stations across the country, will jointly launch two new SD digital channels—called “World” and “Create”—to serve viewers throughout the Boston and New York metropolitan areas. The channels, which supplement both station’s main programming fare, will be available to digital cable subscribers in the Northeast as well as over-the-air on both station’s DTV channels.

In contrast to their analog counterparts, which offer multi-genre variety schedules, the new channels will each focus on more specific viewer interests. Both channels will use the programming libraries of Thirteen/WNET and WGBH.

“World” will feature culture, science, nature, public affairs, history, and business series, along with documentary miniseries and specials. “Create” will carry a do-it-yourself library of series and specials on cooking, renovating, collecting, painting, crafts, traveling, gardening, and other hands-on subjects.

In Boston, the new channels will be available beginning Monday, March 1. The projected start date for the services in the New York area is Thursday, April 1.

In addition to the new channels, WNET and WGBH said they intend to work with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) as it develops other new digital initiatives. PBS recently received a grant to plan for more public affairs programming across the digital spectrum.

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