The Netherlands: Canal Digitaal Pushes DBS HD

Two new SES Astra satellite transponders will markedly grow the TV provider’s capacity for HD.
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Canal Digitaal, a Dutch TV service provider, has begun focusing on HD services more heavily in order to grow its sub base. Now that SES Astra recently put two more transponders into orbit for additional use on its satellites, Canal Digitaal said its capacity for HD channels will now grow markedly.

A Canal Digitaal official said early indications of a wider HD buildout will include carriage of all three Dutch public broadcasters in HD: Nederland 1, Nederland 2 and Nederland 3. The three HD public channels are available on a tier that requires no additional sub fees for Dutch viewers — other than the general option for receiving any HD channels, which is about $7 more monthly (on top of Canal’s basic SD package for $15).

Also, the three RTL channels soon will be available in HD (RTL 4, RTL 5 and RTL 7), as well as all three SBS channels in high definition (SBS6, Net 5 and Veronica).

For premium subscribers, Film1 HD and Sport1 HD will be available, along with American offerings such as Bravo HD, National Geographic HD, Discovery HD, and History Channel HD.

Even after the new HD venues go up, Canal Digitaal said it will still have capacity for more HD offerings on its two additional transponders.