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Lynch joins Advanced Broadcast Solutions

Michael Lynch has joined systems integrator Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS) as a broadcast engineer.

Lynch primarily will be responsible for technical drawings required for installation of new broadcast infrastructure. He also will work with ABS VP Mark Warner to develop plans and drawings for IPTV and mobile TV projects.

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IPTV Americas launches content distribution platform on SES New Skies bird

SES New Skies will host IPTV Americas on its NSS-806 satellite to enable IPTV Americas to offer an end-to-end satellite-delivered IPTV distribution solution to all telecommunications and cable operators’ head ends in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The IPTV Americas’ content will be distributed to the entire Americas via NSS-806, a widely used video satellite in the region. The services will uplink from SES New Skies’ Washington Mediaport in the Washington D.C. area.

For more information, visit joins Open IPTV Forum has joined the Open IPTV Forum, a pan industry organization working on end-to-end specifications for IPTV intended to propel Internet television into the mass market.

The Open IPTV Forum’s goal is to develop and promote an open specification for IPTV based upon existing technologies and open standards to streamline and accelerate deployments. provides IPTV solutions from head-end to STB that allow operators to develop, test, manage and deploy advanced revenue generating services.

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Guangzhou Digital Media Group deploys Mediaroom with Anytime TV

Guangzhou Digital Media Group in China has launched Zhujiang Digital, a connected TV service powered by the Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV platform. This is the first Mediaroom-enabled TV service to launch in China and the first time Mediaroom has been delivered over a cable network anywhere in the world.

The new service also includes the first deployment of the Mediaroom Anytime TV feature set, which lets subscribers access previously aired shows from their Interactive Program Guide and immediately restart currently airing programs without any pre-planning or prior digital video recording (DVR).

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FyreTV unveils world’s first wireless IPTV set-top BoXXX

FyreTV has launched an adult video service along with a wireless IPTV set-top box for streaming DVD-quality content.

The new wireless BoXXX ships with any new subscription made at The new FyreTV set-top BoXXX relies on wireless 802.11 B and G technology and can accept direct Ethernet input. The BoXXX connects to displays by HDMI, S-video, composite or component and also optical audio. The BoXXX, which requires a six-digit pin to access the start screen or any content, is free with a FyreTV subscription.

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Witbe to monitor IPTV, VOD, HD, satellite services for Portugal Telecom

Portugal Telecom has contracted Witbe to set up a monitoring solution and carry out quality tests on its television and video on demand (VOD) via SSL services on the Microsoft Mediaroom platform, as well as its satellite TV services.

Witbe offers true triple-play quality of experience (QoE) monitoring as well as satellite and TNT monitoring. The supervision device consists of IPTV-VOD and SD and HD satellite robots, deployed in large towns and connected after the STB in the same way as users. The robots continuously reproduce user behavior, notably changing TV channels and buying and viewing VOD programs.

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GCI deploys VOD analytics Solution with Concurrent

GCI, an Alaska-based cable operator providing voice, video and data communications services, has selected Concurrent to provide video-on-demand (VOD) performance data collection, warehousing and analytics.

GCI will use Concurrent’s services and solutions, including ReportOne and Operational Intelligence (Oi), from the Concurrent’s Everstream line of data collection and management tools.

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