The importance of international markets

One company that looks to international markets is AJA Video Systems. Broadcast Engineering met with Nick Rashby, president, and Paul Weiser, VO, sales & marketing, at a recent show in London. AJA started out as a small Californian vendor. Paul Weiser explained how the company has expanded.

“We have dealers and distributors all around the world. We can continue to grow the (international) business,” he said. “We find the business is a little different in each part of the world. By attending national shows, we get to see what is going on in the different countries.”

Nick Rashby continued, “As the world recovers from the downturn, you need to understand which parts of the world are recovering to put your focus. AJA has expanded from a small company that only did domestic business and has expanded into international markets. Now that business is a major focus.”

Reiser said, “Doing business is different in Asia from Europe or North America, and if you don't pay attention to that detail, you don't do well.” Product certification is just one issue that exporters have to deal with. “WiFi approval is a challenge,” Reiser said. “You have to certify in-country in some Asian countries.”

Commenting on a recent collaboration with Avid to provide interface hardware, Weiser said, “We are seeing the software companies focus more on the software, and customers are demanding products that work with multiple products on multiple platforms.”

Vendors like AJA are providing products that offer cross-platform support for major NLEs.