The force will be with you at BroadcastAsia 2012

The rise of social platforms is compelling the broadcasting industry to develop content suitable for multi-screen delivery and to reinvent its strategy to successfully engage audiences through social TV.

With this in mind, the Content Creative Production Conference at Broadcast Asia 2012 is back for its third installment, bringing together industry professionals in discussions on content formats and mediums, content distribution, as well as production and post-production strategies.

Taking place on June 20 and 21 at Suntec Singapore, the conference will focus on small-screen and big-screen production on the first and second days, respectively.

Speakers including Mohen Leo, VFX Supervisor, Lucasfilm Animation; Mike Lake, CEO of Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios; Fotini Paraskakis, Director of Content, Fremantle Productions; and Jeffrey Chan, CEO, HK Film Workshop; will share their knowledge and experience in all aspects of filmmaking across various mediums and genres. Two post conference workshops on June 22 will provide tips and tricks to create stunning motion graphics, visual effects, and design a complete 4k post production pipeline, complete with remote editing setup.

“The Creative Content Production Conference serves as a melting pot for industry experts to share their knowledge on content creation and their vision for the future of the industry,” said Lindy Wee, Director for PR and Conference at Singapore Exhibition Services. “This year’s edition will act as a forum for industry players to learn and improve technology and processes to keep up with the evolving landscape and the development of new platforms, such as social media.”

Anthony Lilley, Chief Creative Officer and CEO of Magic Lantern UK, will discuss the challenges of constantly creating and reinventing content that keeps audiences engaged and interested.

“With the Internet, a video can reach an audience of millions across the globe easily within a couple of days,” Lilley said. “Content developers need to look beyond the traditional mediums and stretch their boundaries to include new kinds of content that appeals to audiences today.

“With Social TV, the role of a producer has shifted — in addition to quality of content, producers must now also devise strategies to leverage the real-time engagement in social media. Only then will they be able to produce content that will truly entertain, educate and engage the public. Coupled with personal devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and the worldwide popularity of gaming, these developments mean that it has never been more important to understand the core of an idea, the behaviour of the audience and how to get their attention.”

Leo will share case studies from ILM Singapore on breaking down the VFX pipeline as he talks about his experience working on Hollywood projects such as “Star Wars” Episode 1 and 2 and “Pearl Harbor.” He will also speak on more recent projects such as supervising the visual effects team for “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and production of “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,” where he worked on location in Dubai.

A separate session (highlighting how visual effects can help turn challenging story ideas into reality) will allow delegates to learn specialist techniques of visual effects such as stereoscopic (3-D), motion control and motion capture.