Thales secures agreement for major DVB stream scrambling in China

Thales has announced that Novel-Tongfang, a leading Chinese systems integrator, has chosen Thales' DVB streams scrambling solutions.

The agreement is for delivery of 40 pieces of scrambling equipment. Novel-Tongfang has developed its own Conditional Access System (CAS) based on the DVB Simulcrypt standard and has selected Thales' Cryolite digital TV scrambler as the reference stand-alone platform to protect transport stream content.

Within a distributed systems architecture, protecting audio/visual data is a major concern for service broadcasters. Cryolite is intended for network operators who need to only broadcast DVB MPEG-2 programs to authorized viewers. Access control to programs is performed by using the DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm, which allows scrambling digital TV services.

The scrambling function is usually available directly within the coding and multiplexing equipment. However, in the case of multiplex reworks or existing infrastructures, it is mandatory to perform a simple scrambling adaptation of the multiplex services. In this particular case, Cryolite allows this adaptation.

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