Thales’ Mobile TV systems support QualComm’s FLO

Thales’ solid-state Ultimate transmitter with embedded FLO exciter distributes high-quality video and audio to a consumer’s handheld device.

Thales Broadcast & Multimedia has expanded its Mobile TV system to include support for QualComm’s FLO technology.

Mobile TV is based on Thales’ SmartCast Mobility Video platform, SmartVision Mobility Video Service platform, and its full line of RF transmitters.

Thales and QualComm have entered into a co-development program to combine Thales’ digital exciter and signal correction experience with QualComm’s FLO modulation technology to create a FLO-compatible exciter. Thales’ Ultimate transmitter with embedded FLO exciter is designed to provide a solution for distributing high-quality streaming video and audio content to consumer’s handheld devices.

FLO technology was designed specifically for a mobile multimedia environment, using the latest advances in coding and interleaving to achieve the highest-quality reception at all times. The technology reduces the network cost of delivering multimedia content by dramatically decreasing the number of transmitters needed to be deployed.

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