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Thailand's Channel-3 Adopts Sony's Networked Production System

Bangkok Entertainment Co. Ltd ("Channel 3"), the leading television station in Thailand, has completed installation of Sony's Sonaps networked production system. The installation is the first for Sonaps in Southeast Asia, and the installation encompasses the integration of the whole news production process to a fully IT-based networked system.

The news production team at Channel 3 can now provide much faster and more comprehensive stories to its audience. Sony's PetaSite archive system also integrates seamlessly with Sonaps to support Channel 3's news department through its ability to store more than ten thousand hours of news video clips as MXF files with no additional third party application required.

Viewers of Channel 3 also had the opportunity to witness the live broadcast of the handover ceremony, in which footage from the venue was transmitted to the studio and broadcast on its news program simultaneously, demonstrating the system's performance.

"Through Sony's leading technology and end-to-end solutions, Sonaps can significantly enhance the productivity and flexibility for news production, both today and well into the new era of digital broadcasting," said Mr. Kozo Tetsuya, Division Managing Director of Broadcast and Professional Pacific Asia Company, a division of Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd. "This implementation in Channel 3 represents Sony's successful launch of the integrated end-to-end solutions, a networked production system that enables users to experience the flexible, scalable and efficient 'tapeless and paperless' news production environment."

"As an HD-ready system, Sonaps can help Channel 3 to pave the way for seamless migration from SD to HD with minimal operational changes," continued Mr. Tetsuya.

The HD networked media solutions help journalists work together across a completely non-linear, shared environment to shape the stories from a range of sources and get their news to air quickly. Sonaps manages everything from ingest and central storage to browsing, craft editing, near-line archive, playout, material management, for a single, centrally managed file-based workflow.

From consultation and initial analysis to implementation and after-sales maintenance, Sony provided a total solution to Sonaps users in every phase of the project. Sony worked closely with Channel 3's news team to ensure the smooth and timely delivery, commissioning and operational handover of the news system.