Text of FCC Letter Authorizing WNVT-TV Digital Only Operation

I received several email messages last week requesting the text of the letter authorizing the WNVT-TV digital-only operation. It has been posted to the FCC Web site and is available at

In the letter, the FCC cites the financial burden Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation (CPBC) faces in maintaining NTSC service, and CPBC's assertion that the impact on the public will be "imperceptible" since only 3,000 households in the station's NTSC Grade B contour viewed the station over-the-air. CPBC agreed to supply school districts in Northern Virginia that rely on over-the-air reception to receive WNVT-TV instructional programming with DTV receivers or tuners. CPBC also agreed to provide cable operators that receive WNVT programming with the equipment necessary to translate the station's over-the-air digital signal to analog for cable. The FCC required CPBC to supply all cable systems carrying its digital signal with the conversion equipment and also take steps to ensure all the Northern Virginia school districts it serves are able to receive a viewable signal.